Life Story

Hi there! Welcome to my blog!

 My name is Amanda and my fiance husband is Iriapa.  I talk about him a lot so get used it.  He's super cool though so you probably won't mind.  Life story in terms of location/major events:  I was born in Michigan and had the best childhood as a tomboy (I lived with all brothers).  Moved to Utah for six years and played softball, took dancing & singing lessons, and poufed my hair really big.  Moved to Hawaii and finally discovered what it feels like to be a minority.  Which was good.  You should definitely try it if you haven't already.  Went to the college across the street and met a super fine boy.  Moved to Australia to follow said hottie (and worked as a nanny! So fun).  Went to his dreamy homeland of New Zealand and pretty much took a 3 month long vacation.  Then married the heck out of him back in Hawaii!

In terms of personality... I try to be open minded, adventurous, intelligent (both books & practically), creative, and a general optimist.  I love being a hippy and a tree hugger as much as I can.  I'm attempting to earn a bachelor's degree in Computer Programming.  I'm a hardcore member of the LDS church and I love it!  Oh and if you've met me, you know that my favorite color is green. :D