My Life To-Do List
*Subject to additions

Run a 5k/10k
Become fluent in Spanish
Swim with Sharks
Get a pilot’s license
Grow an herb garden
Have a sunflower patch
Have a strawberry patch
Have a pet baby tiger so I can name it Raja
Have a sheep named Flossie
Have a cat named Gato
Ride a dolphin
Ride an elephant
Do Habitat for Humanity (or something similar)
Get a Bachelor’s Degree
Go to beauty school for fun
Learn Polynesian basket weaving
Swim the Great Barrier Reef
Visit the Sydney Opera House
Go Surfing (I know this one is lame because I already live in Hawaii)
Stargazing in New Zealand
Own a house with no debt
Be in a movie
Explore the Mayan ruins
    o Stairway to Heaven
    o Chinaman’s Hat
    o Crouching Lion
    o Diamond Head
Go to a fashion week show
Have a minimum of five children  
Have a morning run on the great wall of China
Be the cat lady on the block
Get solar panels on my roof