Saturday, February 26, 2011

Blackberry Blues

We had planned to go blackberry picking today but it's all rainy :'(  So instead I'll update my blog!

My momma, papa, and little brother come in 15 days!!!!!!!!  I'm so excited if you can't tell.  But this also leads me to think...

Things I will miss about New Zealand:
  • Tomato sauce.  I remember Iriapa telling me about it a million years ago when I was still in Hawaii.  I was confused at how tomato sauce wasn't ketchup, but wasn't like American tomato sauce (you know, watered down tomato paste).  I will never be satisfied with ketchup ever again.  I hope the internet will provide me with good recipes.
  • Sheep everywhere.  First of all, they're adorable (from a distance. I haven't gotten to touch one yet.)  Also, they make fields and hills so much more exciting to look at.  Annnnnnddddd I can't help but daydream how someday when I have my own pet sheep, I will dye it awesome colors and it will make everyone that sees it happy.  Cute example, ugly ugly ugly ugly example.
  • Fruit trees.  There is a reason the worlds apples come from NZ.. fruit trees almost grow wild here.  I love getting lemons off the tree across the road.  Plus the lemons in the supermarket look sickly.  In the backyard there are also apple, peach, nectarine, feijoa, and banana passion fruit trees!  SO COOL.
  • Empty beaches.  I think this is also a perk of living out in the boondocks but in Hawaii this is hard to come by most of the time.  I like that I can get a picture without footprints ruining it.  I like that I know there is somewhere I can be totally alone and sing super loud to my ipod. 
  • Fish & chips.  If you say it with a NZ accent it sounds like "fush an chups" :D :D  I've become grossly addicted to chips lately.  And American fries have become too skinny for me... 
  • Kiwi accents.  Yep, still love hearing it <3
I hardly even need to bother mentioning the chocolate and ice cream, right?

P.S.  I updated my life story page!  Tell me if it's too lame plz. :)


  1. So how come I was unaware of your blog?! Anyway I found you!! So perhaps I can learn from a seasoned professional like yourself about this blogging stuff (:

  2. I LOVE YOUR LIFE STORY. So fun and so you :)
    Also, I love your bucket list and I want to hike all of those hikes with you! Pleeeease?! And can we go to NYFW together someday like when I'm all living in NYC you can visit and we'll go to the tents at Bryant Park and watch a show and it will be amazing?! :) I love you!

  3. OMG I can't wait to come see you! I love New Zealand just from reading about how much you love it. Your pics of Cute Sheep vs Ugly Sheep made me LOL! We're really looking forward to you showing us all the things you love and discovering a few new ones together. {HUGGGGGG}


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