Tuesday, December 14, 2010

THE Great Barrier Reef

It was raining the day we went but luckily the fish aren't bothered by that :P
 I tried to post a (lame) quick video of all the fishies and coral but it's been a couple hours and I need to leave for the airport now.. sorry!
Maori Wrasse
 The Maori Wrasse gets huge!  We also got to see stingrays and little baby sharks.  Oh and here are the swirling sands..
 It's too bad these are poor quality pictures.  Since it was raining we didn't want to chance bringing out the nice camera.  Pity too because I doubt I'll ever be going back and it would've been nice to have a beautiful picture.

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  1. Found your blog! >:)
    RE: The List- Surrrrf with uss and and hike Stairway with usss! :D


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