Friday, December 31, 2010


Christmas Eve we got the assignment to go get pipis for the Christmas lunch we were going to the next  day.  We drove down to the beach where they were supposed to be, but it was cold and windy so we didn't get in the water.  Then we went to the spot where I found heaps the other day but they had all been eaten by the seagulls!  We got three.  We then went to Oraka and walked in the cold river and looked for pipis.  At first we couldn't find a single one and I was freaking out a little because weeds kept wrapping around my legs.  We walked further down the river and BAM. Millions of pipis.  They were a smaller kind than the ocean ones but you couldn't help grabbing 5 or 6 in each handful of mud.  You do the "pipi shuffle" and shuffle your feet in the mud to feel them and then just start grabbing handfuls.  We filled about 2/3 of a 5 gallon bucket!

While we were out pipi hunting, fiance's father was out getting "bubus" from the ocean.  They are sea snails I guess.  You get a pin and hook the flesh and then pull it out while twisting the shell and you get a spirally snack!   We also took pauas to the luncheon.  Paua shells are those gorgeous blue & green ones that most maori stuff is decorated with.  The animal inside is just like a big black suction cup.  I let one hug my finger and it felt so cool!  :D

Fiance and I didn't eat any of the seafood (yuck) but there was a lot of yummy food at the lunch party!  Met a bunch of fiance's family and had lots of fun playing with the little cousins!  After the party in Hastings, we still had half a bucket of pipis so we stopped off at future mother-in-law's college bff's house and gave them as a present.  Otherwise they would've died and gotten gross on the way home.  We brought two tubs of fresh salt water but we had used them up by the time the party ended. 

I don't like eating seafood but it's been a lot of fun catching (and touching) it all!  Oh so I heard that Mahia peninsula is the place to be for New Years because it is the first place to see the sunset in the world!  I know what I'll be doing tomorrow morning!  Too bad the camera is dead :( 

Happy New Year's Eve!!

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