Thursday, February 10, 2011


Um.. so I'm going to admit it..... my blog is even boring ME.  And it's about me!  Haha so I guess to make it at least more fun for me (and hopefully for you too) I'm going to make it more personal.  I'm not entirely sure this is a good thing but we'll try it out anyway ;)

I've been totally inspired by my friends Rachel and Dana.  They're both insanely amazing and their blogs are super interesting to read.  I feel like I'm reading an encyclopedia when I read my blog.  A really really lame one :|  I'm sorry I put you through that Reader (aka Rachol... you're probably my only reader <3  I have to remind my own mom to look this page up lol).

I wish I could default to posting pictures like I planned but it doesn't look like that's going to happen til I get back to the "states".  So for now you'll probably get a lot of smileys and paranthesis (and poor grammar). :D

ANYWAY.  I meant to make a post on how my new goal is to be like Krunk.  You know, from Emporer's New Groove?  Except a bit smarter.  But he's super nice and genuine and happy and just makes me SMILE!  I want to make people happy!!  Lately I've noticed my thoughts are veering towards the negative a little too often.  I have to hold my tongue but then that also stops me from saying anything positive.... anyway I just feel like I'm in a weird place.  I think I'll need to work on being more busy so that I don't have time to get bothered by things.

Luckily I have an awesome mom and awesome friends that I can call.  Just talking to them helps me to remember that I AM a happy person.  I just need to make it stick ;)


  1. You ARE a happy person Manda! Just scatter your sunshine all along your way, haha. Last night our RS sisters went to a retirement home and sang Valentine songs and visited with the residents for a little while. It was so much fun! All of us left with huge smiles on our faces and wanted to go again very soon. Getting out of our own problems and giving a little service feels so great. Love you!

  2. I LIKE THAT IDEA A WHOLE LOT! Kronk totally makes me happy all the time. Him and Buddy The Elf.
    I've been more negative lately too....weird right? I like to blame it on January because it is a sucky month. Except it's February now. Haha. Hopefully we can get back to our awesome happy-person-ness soon :D :D :D

    Talking to you and Iri totally made my week. :)


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