Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What I was up to in August

Iriapa came in the beginning of August!  So fiance + school + work + wedding = no bloggy posts for you!
Buuuuut here are some things I've been cooking! NOMnomnom

Cinnamon roll pancakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Just pour your batter in the pan, then swirl cinnamon roll filling onto batter.  Flip and then cover in frosting!
 The final product.  SO yum.

This is my birthday cake (I always make my own cake every year.  Don't ask me why.)
ZEBRA INSIDES!!  This cake was delicious.  It was a combo of devils food and vanilla with pudding.
My friend discovered this idea but I couldn't wait for her to get back to make it for me :P

 Round two of calzones... much more successful/fat!

Fillings: BBQ sauce, tomato paste, chicken, tomato, nacho cheese (fiance's)

Strawberry shortcake.  The cake was an interesting adaption from angel food cake.  I didn't have vanilla extract (so I used coconut) or egg whites.  But smoothered in strawberry mush and cool whip, anything tastes good :D 

LASAGNA!!!! This fed us for 4+ days.  THREE different types of cheese.  It's good.

So that's what I've been cooking.  Now wipe that drool off and go make you something yummy!


  1. Nummy, yum, yum, yum! Lucky fiance!

  2. Okay okay now it's my turn....can I move in with you??? PLEASE??? I'll be the best adopted child ever, you won't even have to discipline me! Just feed me cinnamon roll pancakes every morning and I'll behave ;)

  3. Also I love your blog title/tagline because every time I read it I can picture you saying it to me :P SO EXCITED TO SLEEP ON YOUR BUNKBED SOON. Sleeeeepoversssss!!!! :D


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