Friday, June 17, 2011

My secret life

I am a nail polish addict & fanatic.  But a snobby one.  I like niiiiice polish.  One of my (materialistic) life goals is to own a Chanel polish. (Particularly the red that LB was inspired by).  I also love the excitement it brings to my fingertips.  I got really into polish when I had to cut my nails short for pottery & piano.  I hated my nails being so short (makes my fingers look short and squishy).  So I fell to polish to spruce up my hands.  It's also a great outlet for my artistic side.

Something shameful about my obsession: I have been trying all week to write a 500 word essay for my history class.  However, I wrote a 560 word email about nail polish in under one hour. Sad, I know.

But I cleaned out my phone's sd card today and decided to post my collection of manicure pictures.  Camera quality is good... but not that good :P

LOVED this retro manicure.  CG Recyle + cheap black

One of my favorite color combinations.  OPI something
+ CG  Passion In The Pacific

CG Mango Madness glitter gradient

First time sponging! Zoya Jules + Sephora by OPI gold glitter

Mermaid-y sponging awesomeness.  Maybelline Go Go Green +
S.OPI Mermaid To Order + CG Beauty & the Beach
+ Covergirl Gold Rush 
Yeah so I'm obviously not a professional.  But MAN is painting nails great fun!

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  1. SO SO SO PRETTY. Ummm I need to discover sponging! [and actually paint my nails more....I haven't had polish on in over a week! And that isn't the first time that's happened within the last month :( ]


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